Two Organist Visits

June 26, 2003

This week we had visits from two of Canada’s more highly recognized organists. In both cases they spent a few minutes exploring the organ, trying out some tunes and made some initial positive comments on the (tonal) quality of the music. Then I spent a few minutes showing the other features (as best a non-keyboard Continue reading

“I didn’t realize it was not a pipe organ…”

May 4, 2003

Rob has spent several evenings and Saturday morning completing the woodwork associated with the organ loft renovations. All Should be ready for our Mother’s Day services. Don Anderson from Phoenix spent Friday doing the final voicing on the English tonal specification as well as getting the reverberation feature working. And today I listened to many Continue reading

First Notes: Assembly Nearing Completion

April 4, 2003

Today I visited the Phoenix factory to have a first hand look at progress to date. As can be seen it is now possible to put together an assembled console (although they still need a day or two to complete some internal work). The first point I checked out was the colour compatibility of the Continue reading

Temporary Repairs to the Current Organ and Staining

March 8, 2003

Our current pipe organ has not been used for the past four weeks due to a continuous high pitched whine when the blower is turned on. Turns out that the dry air associated with the extended cold weather of the past month has caused many pipe organs in southern Ontario to have dried up the Continue reading