“I didn’t realize it was not a pipe organ…”

May 4, 2003

Rob has spent several evenings and Saturday morning completing the woodwork associated with the organ loft renovations. All Should be ready for our Mother’s Day services.

Don Anderson from Phoenix spent Friday doing the final voicing on the English tonal specification as well as getting the reverberation feature working. And today I listened to many complements from those who noticed a difference. I arrived about an hour before this morning’s service to fill Robin in on Friday’s activities and had the chance to listen to her practice a prelude piece. Wow! It was agreed by the few who heard it that we had an organ music experience that had never previously occurred in our sanctuary.

The final complement came from our visiting speaker, who has spent a lifetime involved in church music. He mentioned after the service that he did not realize that it was not a pipe organ. His wife, with 43 years experience as an organist, received a “tour” of the organ.

This week voicing will be continued on the other two tonal specifications while Rob will complete the staining and finishing associated with the organ loft.