Welcome to our new Youth Ministry Leader.

3 May, 2017

Streetsville United Church is very pleased to announce the arrival of our new Youth Ministry Leader!

Jeremy Hennessy began this new position with us on May 1, 2017. He holds a BA in Theology from Tynedale University College in Toronto and is excited about beginning his ministry with our SUC Youth. 

We welcome both Jeremy and his wife Katie to our church family and look forward to a renewed and invigorated Youth Ministry. Initially, he will be focusing on our High School Youth Group, although he will occasionally be including our Junior Youth.

We ask God’s blessing on Jeremy’s ministry with our youth and our whole church family.

Coldest Night of the Year

25 February, 2017

Coldest Night - SUC Feb 20 2016

Saturday, February 25, 2017 marked our fifth year of participation in Coldest Night of the Year

The Streetsville United team (pictured are the walkers from 2016) raised money in support of The Dam, Mississauga’s  drop-in centre for youth providing a positive, healthy, and encouraging environment that is drug-free and alcohol-free.

Chase the Chill

25 January, 2017

185 Scarves were left in 20 locations around Streetsville – at the Village Square clocktower, bus stops and on railings.

Chase the Chill 2017

Streetsville United Church, along with First United in Port Credit, East Plains, West Plains and Port Nelson in Burlington all participated in Chase the Chill in January of this year. Demonstrating to the broader community that God is moving through the people of our churches and encouraging others to join us.

The success of this project is dependent on many things; people in our congregation working together and reaching out to friends and social groups encouraging them to participate. Our goal wasn’t only to provide scarves to the needy but to create an awareness that Streetsville United is alive and well and a place where visitors will be warmly welcomed. Chase the Chill also shows us that we can try new things with success and perhaps encourages us to take on challenges in ways we hadn’t thought of before.

Some interesting 2017 stats:

  1. 185 scarves were tied out at 20 locations along Queen Street, most of them knit or crocheted.
  2. The Streetsville Living Facebook page, was active with very positive comments, most of them a reflection on the generosity of our congregation.
  3. Out of the 185, 29 were unclaimed and were delivered to The Open Door at Square One along with the tag referencing the fact that this is a gift from our church
  4. A mother daughter duo in our congregation took “Learn to Knit” lessons in the Fall and eagerly added their first projects to the scarves being tied out.
  5. Will we do it again next year? Absolutely! Several of our members have already started a new pattern!

Pathway Recognition

2 December, 2015

Pathway Non-Profit Community Developments, a sustainable, affordable housing initiative of Streetsville United Church, Unitarian Congregation in Mississauga, and Solel Congregation, has recently been recognized by the Mississauga and Peel communities:

  • Pathway was proud to receive Peel’s Organization Hero Award for its continuous effort in support of crime prevention and community service. The award acknowledges one outstanding local community service organization, civic organization or service club that supports crime prevention initiatives through fundraising, volunteering, or as ambassadors for the purpose of reducing or preventing crime and improving the quality of life for students, communities or seniors.
  • Pathway also received a Certificate of Congratulations from Heritage Mississauga for participating in the Reel Youth Project. Reel Youth is a not-for-profit, media empowerment project supporting youth, adults and organizations to create and distribute engaging films about the issues they care about most.

Food Bank Update

22 November, 2015

Emergency Food Cupboard Assistance Program

November 22, 2015 Update:

In October our church helped 14 people.

This week we are completely out of: men’s aftershave, men’s deodorant, hot chocolate. We also need: shampoo, spaghetti, spaghetti sauce, canned pasta, beef stew, peas, soup and cereal.

Please no expired items. Your HELP is needed and appreciated.

We make up cleaning supply & personal care kits and these are available to the clients every 2nd visit.

We appreciate your donations in helping the less fortunate and those who are unemployed, physically & mentally disabled and addicted. We cannot run this outreach without the help of our church family as we depend on YOU to keep the cupboards well stocked. Therefore, when doing your weekly grocery shopping please pick up a few of the items on our weekly bulletin list of needed items.

Thank you for supporting this hands-on OUTREACH to the community.


E100 – The Bible reading plan people love to complete.

1 November, 2015

E100.LogoE100 – The Bible reading plan people love to complete. Our congregation starts today!

What is E100?  The Essential 100 Challenge is a new way to read through the Bible. The Challenge is based on carefully selected Bible passages – 50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament – that help you get the big picture without getting bogged down.  It is not difficult, but requires a commitment. But even that commitment is not onerous since you can complete the readings at the pace you choose.

Whether on your own or in a group the E100 challenge will be very beneficial for your Christian growth and knowledge.

Starting November 1, you are invited to start the E100 challenge. If you want to meet with others to discuss the readings, starting Nov 5, there will be 2 discussion groups meeting weekly – Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 10:00 a.m. The groups will meet in the Library for 1.5 hours for discussion.

Click here for the complete guide (Excel spreadsheet; select Open or Run to open it).

Parking Lot Upgrade – Completed

11 September, 2015

Over the summer Ken Poulson has managed the upgrade of our parking lot. In addition to the originally contracted work, it was necessary to replace a drain pipe running from the courtyard to the street as well as the drain basin in the courtyard. In order to provide the correct drainage across the courtyard path it was necessary to relay about half the courtyard pathway. Finally excess bricks were used to create a garbage bin container area.

Note that the two aisles closest the to church have been reinforced to withstand the weight of heavier delivery vehicles. Also conduits were installed to allow the running of electrical wiring and water pipes to the two islands if desired in the future.

Parking Lot Overview

Parking Lot Overview

Including all the modifications the entire project cost came to $80,500 versus an original budget of $80,000.

Parking Lot Upgrade: First week

28 June, 2015

On Monday June 22, the pavement from our parking lot was removed and activities commenced to provide the base for a new asphalt surface.


A panoramic view of the parking lot with new gravel base.

Preparations included:

  • Building a gravel base to suitable depth to allow proper drainage of underground water and support for the new surface,
  • Installation of a weeping tile drain in the centre of the two roadways closest to the church,
  • Removal of some defective earth in two locations to provide a solid base to support the new surface,
  • Replacement of a collapsed drainage pipe running from beside the church office stairway to the street
  • Replacement of broken curbs around the lot
  • Replacement of the main parking lot entrance curbs

Click on any picture to see the full size picture.

ParkingLotNear.512 ParkingLotCentre.512
Near aisle with the weeping tile ditch down the middle Centre aisle – digging out the weeping tile ditch
EarthRemoval2.512 EarthRemoval.512
Removing defective earth Another perspective
WeapingTile GarbageDeck.512
Installing weeping tile down the middle of the centre aisle Building a concrete pad for our garbage containers

The driveway entrances are being completely rebuilt with new curbing, etc.

Construction will continue the week of June 29 with the goal of completion, weather permitting, by Friday, July 3.

Parking Lot Upgrade Project

23 January, 2015

The two aisles of our currently parking lot closest to the church building were paved in 1982. In 1996, after the demolition of the old manse, the third aisle was added. After 33 years those initially paved aisles have suffered severe disintegration due to our constantly changing climate and the lack of proper sub-surface drainage.

Ken Poulsen, a professional engineer who has worked on many paving projects over the years, has evaluated the underlying soil conditions, the condition and usage of the parking lot and come up with a recommendation that provides the most value for money spent. (His four options ranged between $60,000 and $140,000; his recommended option is for $80,000.)

At the Annual General Congregational Meeting a motion is being proposed by the Official Board to repair the parking lot. The slide show below was presented at a Congregational Information meeting on Sunday, January 18.

View the PowerPoint presentation here.

View the background document here.