Chase the Chill

25 January, 2017

185 Scarves were left in 20 locations around Streetsville – at the Village Square clocktower, bus stops and on railings.

Chase the Chill 2017

Streetsville United Church, along with First United in Port Credit, East Plains, West Plains and Port Nelson in Burlington all participated in Chase the Chill in January of this year. Demonstrating to the broader community that God is moving through the people of our churches and encouraging others to join us.

The success of this project is dependent on many things; people in our congregation working together and reaching out to friends and social groups encouraging them to participate. Our goal wasn’t only to provide scarves to the needy but to create an awareness that Streetsville United is alive and well and a place where visitors will be warmly welcomed. Chase the Chill also shows us that we can try new things with success and perhaps encourages us to take on challenges in ways we hadn’t thought of before.

Some interesting 2017 stats:

  1. 185 scarves were tied out at 20 locations along Queen Street, most of them knit or crocheted.
  2. The Streetsville Living Facebook page, was active with very positive comments, most of them a reflection on the generosity of our congregation.
  3. Out of the 185, 29 were unclaimed and were delivered to The Open Door at Square One along with the tag referencing the fact that this is a gift from our church
  4. A mother daughter duo in our congregation took “Learn to Knit” lessons in the Fall and eagerly added their first projects to the scarves being tied out.
  5. Will we do it again next year? Absolutely! Several of our members have already started a new pattern!

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