Parking Lot Upgrade – Completed

September 11, 2015

Over the summer Ken Poulson has managed the upgrade of our parking lot. In addition to the originally contracted work, it was necessary to replace a drain pipe running from the courtyard to the street as well as the drain basin in the courtyard. In order to provide the correct drainage across the courtyard path it was necessary to relay about half the courtyard pathway. Finally excess bricks were used to create a garbage bin container area.

Note that the two aisles closest the to church have been reinforced to withstand the weight of heavier delivery vehicles. Also conduits were installed to allow the running of electrical wiring and water pipes to the two islands if desired in the future.

Parking Lot Overview

Parking Lot Overview

Including all the modifications the entire project cost came to $80,500 versus an original budget of $80,000.

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