Parking Lot Upgrade Project

January 23, 2015

The two aisles of our currently parking lot closest to the church building were paved in 1982. In 1996, after the demolition of the old manse, the third aisle was added. After 33 years those initially paved aisles have suffered severe disintegration due to our constantly changing climate and the lack of proper sub-surface drainage.

Ken Poulsen, a professional engineer who has worked on many paving projects over the years, has evaluated the underlying soil conditions, the condition and usage of the parking lot and come up with a recommendation that provides the most value for money spent. (His four options ranged between $60,000 and $140,000; his recommended option is for $80,000.)

At the Annual General Congregational Meeting a motion is being proposed by the Official Board to repair the parking lot. The slide show below was presented at a Congregational Information meeting on Sunday, January 18.

View the PowerPoint presentation here.

View the background document here.




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