Parking Lot Upgrade: In Progress 2

June 28, 2015

On Monday June 22, the pavement from our parking lot was removed and activities commenced to provide the base for a new asphalt surface.


Preparations included:

  • Building a gravel base to suitable depth to allow proper drainage of underground water and support for the new surface,
  • Installation of a weeping tile drain in the centre of the two roadways closest to the church,
  • Removal of some defective earth in two locations to provide a solid base to support the new surface,
  • Replacement of a collapsed drainage pipe running from beside the church office stairway to the street
  • Replacement of broken curbs around the lot
  • Replacement of the main parking lot entrance curbs

Click on any picture to see the full size picture.

ParkingLotNear.512 ParkingLotCentre.512
Near aisle with the weeping tile ditch down the middle Centre aisle – digging out the weeping tile ditch
EarthRemoval2.512 EarthRemoval.512
Removing defective earth Another perspective
WeapingTile GarbageDeck.512
Installing weeping tile down the middle of the centre aisle Building a concrete pad for our garbage containers

The driveway entrances are being completely rebuilt with new curbing, etc.

Construction will continue the week of June 29 with the goal of completion, weather permitting, by Friday, July 3.

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