Temporary Repairs to the Current Organ and Staining

March 8, 2003

Our current pipe organ has not been used for the past four weeks due to a continuous high pitched whine when the blower is turned on. Turns out that the dry air associated with the extended cold weather of the past month has caused many pipe organs in southern Ontario to have dried up the wood in windchests to the point where attachments to the wind chest, such as the stop solenoids, can easily come loose and cause errant activity such as a “permanently open” pipe. In any event Jim Anderson from Phoenix came by, identified the offending pipe and removed it. But the remainder of the rank (a 2′ Piccolo) also is not terribly voluminous when the keys are pushed; so it appears other pipe attachments within this rank are not working properly either. In any event we will operate with a 12 rank organ for the next few weeks until we take delivery of the Phoenix organ. Good thing we bought that new concert quality Yamaha piano last year to keep our music going during the last four Sundays.

Jim also reported that the new console staining was completed yesterday; we hope to have a picture early next week (update 11/3/2003 – see picture at left). In digital organ construction it turns out that preparing the console for accepting the electronic components is 80% of the work; especially when there are high quality standards in the final appearance of the console. They hope to have it producing “first notes” within a couple of weeks.

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